After 4 years of hiatus I decided to restart my 'blog' with some observations that I am making while living in my country of adoption - the USA. My old mostly sarcastic blog 2016-2017 and some even much much older web pages - that is all here to view.

I was busy with life and I became US citizen during Trump tenure as president.

No matter what anybody said about Trump I have only one thing to say about it - as horrible president as he was - he was no worse than any other specimen of presidentus horribilis specie that I can remember. The country was limping around like double amputee before he became president and it didn't get much better during his presidency. It is still limping idiotically around in circles like half blind, mostly def polecat with rabies spreading its ick around. If it was not for the stupid virus, Trump would have probably been re-elected. He was such a charmer. Seriously, Trump had something that no other president, that I remember, had before. He had some strange, nevertheless, sense of humor.

You may ask what was all that 'life' that I was so busy with that I stopped delivering my super witty political commentary that nobody was reading? Well, I bought a house in the city. The very same day we moved in the morning our old house, that we were going to convert into workplace for my wife and me, was hit by SUV in the late afternoon. The impact was such that it moved half the house from its foundation, the car bounced off and made 360 on our front yard and burst into flames. The fire department came and put the fire out. I am glad nobody was hurt but the house was a mess. It took us better part of next year and a half to get claim paid by the insurance - which had not covered all the damages, and about another year to get it all into semi-inhabitable object again and moved our displaced office and workshop back in. By the time we were done with that and started to reestablish ourselves again at our semi-delapitated farm/office - the pandemic hit. Year of lockdowns and nothingness mixed with presidential campaign followed.

Annus horribilis

In the spring 2021 things went well, we started our gardens and veggie patches, I was working in my workshop on guitars and my wife was editing her web pages and doing her usual things. On April 6th I went to get vaccinated. Things went downhill from there. Here came something I didn't expect. During dealing with that and moping around the porch and pondering strange things that are happening to me, finally, in November 2021 both my hands became good enough to start writing and so I started writing again and I wrote -

The not so modern way of dealing with dissent just to put some perspective on these things

If there is this one kind of idiocy that drives me just crazy and seems to be endless, it is coming from pundits who know absolutely nothing but what establishment medicine tells them and not only they believe that but they want to believe that for the money and their status of hacks. Here is one about that and recent controversy that shouldn't have been controversial at all - the sad part is that it is coming from the very same people who like to swear by the diversity and profess their inclusivness -

Ivermectin wars - This watch didn’t suffer from lack of movement.

This one hits close to what used to be my home country. Czech Republic got themselves new government. What are the likely implications?


I am observing outcome of our heavily regulated yet private system of healthcare here in the USA in deadly combat with Covid 19-22 which could be perhaps better described as full on war on our domestic population and their money purses as well. While there are certainly some advantages in being able to bypass any system I see many drawbacks too. It is becoming rather obvious that this is centrally dispensed poor medicine concept without much cost benefits to the patients themselves.

The Grim Realities Of Life Before and after Medicine

It took close to 8 months to mostly recover from my jab injury. I would say that I am at 80% of my former self. I hope it is not coming back ever. I hope that the following story will help someone with similar problems.

So what did I do to treat jab injury and why

Some people just really need to be smacked senseless. I actually get nauseated lately when I look at the media in general. I just look and I am like: "Who taught you? Which ass you came from you idiot?" So I looked again today and it made me so mad that I wrote

Real Racists Among Us

A few people asked how am I doing so I wrote Quick and dirty update what a mess I am still dealing with rather than sending several individual emails.

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