nothing to see here. i am  busy with other things. my pages of old czech guitars are down as well.... people been bothering me with requests for parts and many of them were outright rude.  it is simple courtesy to include "hi" at the beginning of your email and "thank you" at the end with your name on the bottom. i do not remember when this started but it got so annoying that i decided to not answer anything that doesn't comply with some basic politeness.

if you need to email me please do not forget to say hi and include your name at the end of your message. that way i will not get mad right away. that way i am also likely to answer.

rickenbacker reverse wound toaster pickup mod

if you are looking for the old rookers page it is here

i am working on update of this site so patience please, there is one BIG news though: in july 2009 i moved back to prague! which means i was not in usa :)...then during 2015 we moved back to USA which means we are not in Prague..

what a shocker to arrive in the middle of the presidential campaign! we went with bernie all the way to philly. right now i think it ain't matter no more. never mind. these two goons are amazing and i cannot help it and i am watching this charade of two deplorables with weird energy and it leaves taste of an old dish detergent in my mouth. the latest thing is mrs.clinton the incurable submitting 20 questions to the donald the trump the magnificent. that provoked me to write 26 questions to mrs.clinton.

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