How to demonstrate in 21. century
How to demonstrate in 21. century

This election cycle showed us throughout the primary and now in the general election that the mass media is not on the side of the populus. All these outlets are in favor of is more money and the influence for their owners. They are the enemy of the people. Are you upset? Perhaps you are asking: 'What can a person do about the media bias that has manifested itself clearly throughout this election?'

I have a rather revolutionary idea:

Every 4 years, the media in the USA are collecting money from the political process of electing people and peddling power. After the election cycle is over, they go right back to their idiotic routine:

'Look how poor dying people of Sudan are having it hard. That was terrible to look at, but look, we are getting some breaking news: one smart girl from Ohio is rearing a miniature dancing pig! wasn't that great, Chuck? Now let's see how big breasts can surprisingly create more jobs in Southern California. Thank you Jackie. Now we go to Mike. Mike, the local little league teams are doing great this year? Back to you Harry. Will the wather last through this weekend, Todd?'.

This might be the last election where it is working like that. The landscape is changing. More and more people are not getting their news from the large media outlets.

Here is an idea :

Every and each person can contribute to this shift and help make it happen much faster.

I propose that everybody who doesn't like the obvious media bias in this election cycle cancel all their newspaper, xm, and all media and news subscriptions and all so-called modern means of TV delivery be it a cable or fios or whatever. Keep just internet. You'l be suprised how many bad channels you will still get over the air for free and how many pre-canned radio stations are still there on FM and even AM. You will not be left hanging. The difference will only be slight on your screen: you will still end up angrily shouting at the TV recepticle, you can still have your shouting match with the radio while driving. But if you people do it en masse, the difference it will make is the creation of a big hole in the pockets of the media owners.

Vote vith your money.

It is a unique chance to demonstrate from your easy chair.

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