ashcroft's moment anniversary
Today 10/7/2016 is the 16th anniversary of the most memorable election

2000 United States Senate election in Missouri was held on November 7, 2000, to select the next U.S. Senator from Missouri. Incumbent Senator John Ashcroft lost re-election to Mel Carnahan, despite the fact Carnahan had died several weeks before election day. John Ashcrof also considered running for POTUS the year before. John Ashcrof was selected later by president-elect George W. Bush to become U.S. attorney general. Ashcroft, once Missouri governor and apparently colorful character altogether, was famous for ordering the staff to cover up semi-nude statue 'Spirit of Justice' in the Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice Building with the curtains and for his performance of Let the Eagle Soar.

here is the song and memorable performance

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