Batshit crazy
Batshit crazy

Did you or a loved one had Breitbart/Cuck filter implanted?

I find it interesting that when people lose even their beliefs in magic and other forms of religion, there is not much left. The severe lack of any philosophy and aim in their life leaves them deprived of essential motive that propels human beings forward. Life boils down to vain purchase frenzy and mindless observation of the outsiders of their own life - a consumption disease at its best.

People are suddenly almost not participating in their own lives. They are just automatically doing their daily task of living while being pummeled by endless and pointless stream of nonsense from electronic media. The void of philosophy is filled with nonproductive things.

What still amazes me about America after all these almost 20 years is that anybody here still expects logic and truth from elected politicians and journalists even after all this extensive prior experience with them. It kind of feels like something about the delivery process has changed somewhere right at the onset of the Cold War to include political lobotomy at birth.

As President Trump would say, "Between you and I," something is going on. There is so much punditry and so little real news that one can get lost in all that gibberish.

When even the once-decent journalist turned crazy prepper- Ted Koppel has the urge to tell to FOX signature weirdo Sean Hannity that he is bad for America, and the good people people of the USA applaud, something must be going on.

One of my favorite non-news and punditry was the idiotic conspiracy theory titled "PizzaGate." While I watched all the lunatics on Youtube to work themselves into their little fake fits of apoplexy over this, I learned one new thing from them. They all talked about the evil practice of "Spirit Cooking." Let's put aside what they were talking about in their blasts of unstoppable verbal diarrheas. I was intrigued by those two words that they used over and over: "Spirit Cooking." The first thing that came to my mind was a process of distillation, but that - benign basic chemistry procedure- did not frame the picture of unspeakable evil that they were talking about well. Not until I saw Judge Jeaninne Piro's show on the 3rd weekend of March of 2017 did I understand the real meaning of these words. Now I know. Therefore I propose to call all these weird streams of conciousness coming at us from all the pundits "Spirit Cooking." The only purpose of this, in my view, is to cook and boil all the good spirit and good humours out of us all.

At the same time, it dawned on me that president Trump is bit like a silverfish living in your bathroom. First you are like 'ew' and then you watch them and see what pathetic creatures they are - feeding of off your dead skin and setting up their semen sack traps for the female to bump into just to maybe even procreate and you grow to like them and you watch them keenly while pooping.

That does not mean that we all ought to trust everything and/or watch the weird things obsessively. Absolutely the last thing that I need to know is everyone's opinion about some news that I have no real coverage of. People can form their own opinion. And people should start doing just that. Take a look around.

Watch Judge Jeanine Pirro's "Opening Statement" - Paul Ryan Needs To Step Down As Speaker Of The House - Spirit Cooking at it finest

How did we got here? The Cold War and the Military Industrial Complex did it: Lawrence Wilkerson interview with Abby Martin-The Empire Files

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