Estate of turncoats and beer with Trump
Estate of turncoats and beer with Trump

So Donald J Trump was elected. Despite of the fact that he spent quarter of the money that Clintons spent; despite of the entire MSM blasting him since the nomination; despite every prediction that I have had chance to read. I however called it on July 26, 2016 when DNC nominated their candidate. The weak candidate they managed to nominate was just that final nail in the coffin of the whole crazy rigged process. Now there is going to be much infighting within the Democratic party until they will settle down into their old rotten habits of conservative southern democrats again. I suspect they will pickup a few young idealistic votes in 2018 midterms just like the Tea Party did in 2010. Nothing to see here fools, business as usual. The establishment will grind them back to a pulp in a term or two if they will last that long. Or not. Who knows.

If there is one lesson to be learned from this election it is not to believe your own polls that you loaded and oversampled. Right Clintons? Right MSM?

Those spineless media are starting to turn around now, because who is the ultimate celebrity if not the president elect? They even have a problem who to side with now, there is the president elect and our sitting president - still a celebrity. What a dilemma! I sometimes wonder who even writes these feces that these talking heads are broadcasting and make their money from. I hope that Donald Trump will have rather ambivalent relations with the media forever and perhaps that is good. I think that the electorate of the USA learned to ignore MSM entirely. Good riddance.

Boos of the crowd go to Clinton campaign for not getting any decent programm together and out beside same old same old and a smear and counting on the vote for the same old. Hillary Clinton is not Obama and fear of the unknown couldn't overcome shortcomings of the known.

Btw. there is a lot of talk about the big disconnect between Obama high approval ratings and the election results. Let me tell you a few words about that. After all those years of being perpetually ridiculed most people do not like to openly say anything negative about anybody who is not a pure white any more for the fear of being blasted on the spot. It is not entirely rasicm; it is just major discomfort from the danger of be yelled at for something that is not racist in one's mind. It is just stating of the fact. It is just another moment of hypocrisy we were seeing here. It all came out now. That was the sexy part of Trump campaign that he said or picked up on the way what most people knew, that the ACA is a catastrophe and that we shouldn't have gone to more pointless wars and that there was pay to play going on in the state department and that it was business as usual unlike all the promises of hope given in 2008. We all knew it but we don't speak of it, right? And those of us who got it out were virtually flamed for it. People were still hesitant to connect it with Obama - our first black president. The final straw was the increase of the ACA premiums right before the election. I am sorry if you find it offensive but that is how I see it. I once in 2008 supported Obama and I was very disapointed with the results of our healthcare reform, with our ongoing wars and with our growing disconnect between the politics and the people.

Congratulations to president elect Trump. Great campaign - very high energy and the message got out there despite the MSM. It is to be seen how far he will get with his own party now. If he will manage to kill TPP and renegotiate NAFTA and change the healthcare into something approaching affordable and if he will restart domestic manufacturing he might have a shot at the second term. I think nobody will mind if he deports some more people who are here illegaly. After all that is just ongoing process. Some come and some depart. I hope he will stop pointless wars and restart the peace process, it might sounds ridiculous but one can always hope that he will try that.

As somenoe told me: 'Who would you rather go to have a beer with? - Trump or Clinton?'

Incidentally it is exactly 18 years today on the Armistice Day since I came here to the USA the first time.

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