26 questions for Mrs.Clinton

Mrs. Clinton sent 20 absolutely valid questions to Mr. Trump. I want them answered. She is such a charmer. Those questions very graciously reminded me that I have a few of my own directed at her and that I would very much like to hear her answers since she is the most qualified for the office of the president by the words of our sitting president and so far her campaign has been about Mr. Trump and not about the issues determining our every day lives. If anybody sees her, and I bet there is at least one here that does, and if they are concerned as much, please ask her these 26 questions and remember to be polite and nice because she deserves at least the same level of the respect that is given to Mr. Trump if not more.


1/ Will you remove yourself and your husband and your daughter and all the relatives from any enterprise or charity or related charity to avoid any further conflicts of interest? Are they going to be ok? What are they going to do?

2/ There is a lot of 'collateral damage' due to bombing and ongoing drone attacks. How are you going to address that? Tell us the good stuff.

3/ No matter if there is a Democrat or a Republican in the office of the president of the USA we seem to be pretty consistently propping up several dictatorial regimes that violate the human rights of their citizens. What is the point of it? Do we get a kick out of it?

4/ What is your take on TPP and similar agreements that are on one hand making some entities very rich and on the other hand are pauperizing and displacing people in USA? What is the better part of it - the booming trade or the booming trade deficit ?

5/ Our combined knowledge of our own history is seriously lacking but we are the richest and the most advanced nation on this Earth now. Why not universal healthcare when every other western country has it? Did we already advance out of it and just forgot it ?

6/ How do you expect to fund your ambitious social plans if Congress will not approve increase of the taxes on the wealthy? Please tell us now, how will the perpetual growth of the economy start?

7/ We were once a colony then slowly advanced into an agricultural and industrial powerhouse, then we were a service economy, then we were knowledge-based economy, then we were housing-boom economy and in between those multiple events we were an economy in the worse crisis since the last one. What are we going to be now?

8/ We and the UK, as I remember it, made up with that dictator and terrorist Qaddafi but later we went and had him killed. That made every future ally to jump in our arms while happily yodeling and trust us forever exactly how?

9/ Do you believe that Russia is the enemy? How about that uranium deal with the Russians that you were involved, as the state department approved it? Can you still recall what was it?

10/ Only about 10% of the Americans travel abroad in their lifetime and that includes the military. You are a well traveled and worldly person. Can you tell us something? We as a nation are selling a lot of weapons and arms abroad. Do they have well organised militias too?

11/ Madam, I am a lifelong smoker and allergies sufferer and I have seen a lady of about your age with the same ailments that you've been demonstrating - my mom. Are you still or have you ever smoked? What are you doing to combat those terrible allergy/asthma fits? Were those regurgitated green balls a pair of cotton balls infused with Statuss Green liquid to stop that hacking cough? We desperately need the truth.

12/ You are, as we learned from your doctor's letter, a hypothyroid sufferer, my sympathies are with your fight. How are you or your doctor? Are they treating this condition? How do you combat those mood swings and the inherent lack of energy?

13/ Just a few days ago some of your staff complained how hard is to get you to drink some water. I understand, I started to hate the taste of it too. But what is your reasoning? Or are you going green and avoiding those nasty plastic bottles? I can teach you how to spin handy paper cone from a memo card to have a sip from the tap without touching those slimy public fountains!

14/ You proclaimed a while ago that immigration reform is coming during the first 100 days you are in office. How is it going to be financed and what will be your proposition? Will you use the exceptional power of the executive order during that process? How will you make sure that the legal family based immigration is for once easier than the illegal one? How will you increase funding for the programs of USCIS related to the problem? Which defensive wall would, in your opinion, work better on our border with Canada and Mexico - a wall of the height of 6 or 12 feet?

15/ Are you committed to end corporate citizenship? How do you expect to have a go at it? Can you please just remind us of your latest take on the Citizen United Supreme Court decision?

16/ Drugs and medical procedures in our USA often cost us anywhere from 10 to 100 times, or even more than in any other country in the world. How do you expect to curb the climbing cost of our medical care? How will you reform the FDA?

17/ The Affordable Health Care Act, that you plan to build upon once elected, increased the cost of the healthcare for middle class, is mandatory, and lacks the public option to induce competition within the marketplace. What is your proposed amendment how to improve the quality of life for an insurance company executive and decrease their costs?

18/ Public transport is the most logical approach to the problem of the global warming and in part solution of the problem of our dependency on foreign oil, yet in many cities and most rural areas of USA public transport is nonexistent compared to the rest of the entire world. What are you going to do to improve the public transport situation in the New York City?

19/ You have once actively lobbied to allow fracking in Eastern Europe. What is your take on US domestic fracking? How safe is the procedure? What is the greenest energy of them all in your opinion and how you are going to promote it?

20/ How are you going to improve the situation of our veterans and other homeless people?

21/ I hope the Patriot Act will get another extension during your administration, the TSA is great, they are keeping us all safe one shoe at the time and I feel much safer and almost sentimental now when I know that every phone call has an extra participant, how can that ever be bettered? How will you build upon this great American tradition of personal freedom, privacy, liberty and justice for all?

22/ Our cities are very very safe now, as a matter of fact it feels like there is a curfew of some kind. How are you proposing to tame down public animosity towards our completely militarized police force now?

23/ Please tell us your perspective about the need for prison reform, and the possibility of a pardon for minor drug offenders and about the very recent decriminalization of hard drug use on the eve of the suburban heroin epidemic.

24/ Which day of your presidency will you propose that Puerto Rico will become a state and that the territorials from the Pacific Islands will be automatically born citizens of the USA?

25/ There are still several detainees in the prison at Guantanamo Bay. Will the crowd of the original black and white Mickey Mouse Walt Disney show will be released from copyright jail during your presidency?

26/ Donald Trump is really really scary! Please, tell us some more about how scary he is. Tell us all about the bad times that you had at his wedding.

(c) copyright 2016 Dusan Palka