How to loose (facebook) Friends and Alienate (all) people (around in one go)*

When my wife told me upon my return to USA after 7 year hiatus in Europe to be glad that I cannot vote here, I did not understand. I am glad now.

I do not see any leaders left. Or right. I see so many people around me having the same trouble - being happy with neither and none at least teeny-tiny bit. We are talking New York here, so-called 'solidly blue' state. I can see Democrats panicking. I see Republicans willingly step in the dog shit. I see the independents talking a lot about not going to vote for a president at all (that gives me some hope). I would rather agree with those who say that only a total rejection of both of these two candidates is correct approach.

I saw only one Clinton yard sign so far on my frequent trips to NY, OH and PA - that's how rare it is here in the Rustbelt. I took a picture of it for the benefit of humanity.

There are thousands of Trump signs out there.

All the media of the nation endorsed Clinton and it did not help them. All the media including nighttime show hosts now work for them and it didn't help them. On every discussion forum on the internet they have a plant or two trolls there and it didn't help them either. Quite the opposite. This is not going anywhere with the Clintons. It is not going to fly with the people. Face it. I remember clintonesque deals and how it went and what was the outcome and so do the other people.

I see pumkin' spiced candidate too. I have to ask: How much damage can another stupid president make when his own party hates him so much that they endorsed his opponent in droves? I can't help myself but compare the two completely purebred idiotic vice presidential choices made earlier this year and the two almost purely looser candidates and I have to remind myself again and again that I am awake. To put it mildly - I have an issue with all of them. I cannot help but wonder: is this whole system wrong altogether when one candidate is 'the most qualified' and still cannot beat a guy like Trump?

I am so sorry that the holier than thou whatshisname Ronald Reagan -the greatest statesmen of all times- is not alive now to tell us what to think. Do we even have to still call this 'two party system'? People what is wrong with you? Do you all need Risperdal(tm) prescription? How can you call yourselves 'progressive' at the start of this election and consider any of these two candidates to be viable option at the close. How can you call yourselves 'conservative' and consider any of these two people to be a viable option? Are you still capable of thinking? Andrew Jackson would be proud of this propaganda we are living though. Is there a new special tribal streak growing in the USA - a desperate need to align oneself with a party candidate no matter what do they stand for? I find it to be very much totalitarian mindset. Let me tell you something: You are selling yourself pretty under the market on top of that. It is gross and depressing. It is not like America I knew a short while ago - America that resisted to be swayed into this type of weird trance of fear. Did your elected representatives and their benefactors turned the screws too tight on you while I was not here? I am sorry people.

Remeber, just a few years ago - when USA - used to be happy mild country with great personal freedom that I enjoyed so much once. I felt at home here from the get go. And it has turned into this postmodern dystopian semi-totalitarian surveillance camera infested militarized country in such a short time. How did this happen? Why did you do this? Are you feeling safer now? I am not. It creeps the hell out of me. If you people wanted to live in European over-regulated society with oppressed mindset and 'can't do' attitude why didn't you dammit move there to Europe? BTW. you still can. Marvel at what you are going to get there: your economical benefits of the outsourced globally enriching-few economy AND the social welfare you are asking for here ...and that Risperdal (tm) from the socialized health care system to get your head around the miracle of it all too.

This whole election just so well demonstrates that in our new global society we so freely share the ideas among the nations to later adopt only the worst of them at home.

Now go and vote on down ballot please, make sure you are going to give the inbound president opposing Congress - so whoever is it going to be - they cannot do much damage and make sure your local leaders will not screw you over again - that matters the most in this election.

*the title shamelessly stolen from: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - 1938 by Irving D Tressler

(c) dusan palka 2016