It is time to look at some stuff so I am taking a sweep at some pretty annoying myths. Let me tell you that:

1. USA did not win the Cold War

The Soviet empire imploded and collapsed on itself. It was mostly for the absolute inability of the ruling communist elites to face off with domestic opposition and their complete detachment from the reality of the everyday lives of their own citizenry. Part of the deal was the obvious fact that their ongoing attempts to export Stalinist communism to the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America was equally bizarre idea to consequent attempts of the USA to export 'democracy' to these same places via the same military and “dark operations” method. Unlike our Western friends, whose countries’ industries were rewarded for their conquests with raw materials from thus 'liberated' countries, we behind the Iron Curtain were treated to wild Cuban oranges and to a constant influx of friendly workers from the countries on which we had inflicted our international “help.”

When the regimes of Central and Eastern Europe folded, I was there and I saw it and lived through it. Our Western friends were caught completely by surprise. And I have proof – the first few years after 1989, there were almost no attempts to monetize our domestic post-communinst industries. It took the better half of the 1990's for the notoriously grabby hands of western corporations to wake up to the fact that communism is over. As a matter of fact, it was Germany who first figured out, in 1990, that there are companies up for grabs. The Germans used their traditional precise approach and went for the kill in the form of the Czechoslovak automobile industry – and won first prize in an amazing deal to swallow Skoda into the concern of VW. The first Americans started to perk up around 1993, and one of the first was Citibank. After that it didn't take long for the first dealmakers to arrive and soon droves of MBA's flooded in to “tell us how to do it.” One of the typical approaches was to do business with western executives’ former trade partners and acquaintances - those former “business experts” of that just-folded communist regime with whom they were familiar with from their previous engagements doing business with the west on behalf of the formerly state-run communist foreign trade companies. As a matter of fact, the army of western businessman were instrumental in re-establishing the economic power of the former communist regime exponents in the structures of the post-communist European countries in the 1990's. The consequences of this are felt to this day, as the electorate consistently turns ever more to right-wing populism in an attempt to, after this experience, totally delegitimize anything socialist or communist. Or they turn to ultra-left wing communist populism in an attempt to make those countries 'Great Again' in a melancholic bid for the return of the easy, black-and-white, compliant world of their youth.

Nobody won the Cold War. The formerly communist world went through the rapid, condensed development of capitalism. In just 25 short years, we went from a state-run pseudotheocracy of total demoralization to complete oligarchic kleptocracy. The West lost one common denominator - the red enemy - and went into discovering an inner enemy and so progressed into a deep oligarchic kleptocracy, too. Now both systems are pointing their fingers everywhere but where it belongs. Both are like that proverbial dude from 'who smelt it dealt it'.

2. The military is not keeping you safe in your homeland by going to these wars abroad

This one is pure logic. How is the bombardment of several middle-east and African nations keeping the “homeland” - be it Russian homeland or US mainland and territories – safe? It is about as logical as the big “Wall of Mexico.” If we wanted and actually needed to keep the US lower 48 safe, we would pull our military back home and install them along that southern border. It is all just lies and propaganda – just like I remember from my youth when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Democrat, Republican or Trump – it doesn't make a difference. If there was a single case of some terrorist coming across our southern border we would know about it via those governmental heavenly trumpets of truth known as the MSM. The American public is so utterly brainwashed that every sentence about the US military absolutely must start now with 'Great and brave' and end with 'and thank you for keeping us all safe.' Not one politician says 'if we are spending half of our GDP on the military it is no wonder that everything is such shit and it is all falling apart' without being stoned to death or without an assassination attempt of some kind. It is just that - complete political suicide - to say anything even close to what I just said. It is crazy that a statement like that is probably considered un-American today while not a geologically significant time ago, the USA itself was on the receiving end of such invasion and meddling in the internal matters from Brits and the result was a Revolutionary War for freedom.

3. Legacy of President Obama

Let's face it: some people can't get over it. The Republicans can't forgive his blackness and the Democrats cannot admit what was the entire presidency all about lest they lose face completely. So they are both attacking some windmills again. Republicans in their bid for the mainstream voter cannot say openly that the black president did almost the same shit that every president did before and since. He waged wars for oil, he saved the financial industry and he didn't ask for anything back in the bargain. He meddled in the matters of foreign sovereign nations. He deported more undocumented immigrants than anybody I can remember and probably since the “Operation Wetback.” He was constantly quoting Ronald Reagan the saint and omnipresent, while Democrats were just rocking back and forth and repeating how great everything is and quoting Leslie Nielsen: 'Nothing to see here.'

His administration gave us the worst “universal” health insurance I have ever seen with the mandate of ACA which is the single biggest government giveaway to the health insurance and pharma industries. (To those who do not understand; ACA is great when you are right on the second step from the bottom of income. Anything above and you are still pretty poor and are paying costly premiums and have high deductibles which means that you will not get pretty much anything covered until you are hit by a truck and make it out alive to pay the full cost of the deductible. Then you are covered in that year. Let's hope you will still not be sick the next year because you would pay the deductible again before anything will get covered. What a sham! Mysteriously if you have completely nothing as your income you also get nothing.)

It was the beloved celebrity, Barack Obama, who was droning people all over the world - left and right - including US citizens. Yeah they were the 'inconsequential darkies' – but still, they were US citizens too.

It took a Democrat - Barack Obama - to dismantle further the constitutional protections of individual liberty in the form of Habeas Corpus. We are now probably spied on everywhere by all 17 government agencies (the same ones that claimed that the Russians caused the failing of the otherwise bulletproof presidential bid of Hillary Clinton).

There is this ongoing mantra that it is thanks to Obama’s policies that we have highest and strongest bullish stock market ever now, which is claimed to be an indicator of A Good Economy. Well, let me tell you that I have seen these bullish markets before and if they are indicative of anything, it is my experience it is a sign of an impending downturn. Such bullish market is an indicator that the rich have more spare money to invest then ever, and in this climate of zero interest on deposits and under the spell of a promise of perpetual growth, they are looking for anything to put their money into.

Obama is also praised for the recovery of the housing market. So let me tell you that the recent recovery in the housing market is due to exactly the same process of repackaging the same old housing bubble for investors. The only difference I see this time is that investment groups are buying and selling and reselling shares and derivatives of “portfolios of rental properties” right now. My neighbors' houses look worse than before the collapse of 2008. Most of them are lacking in essential upkeep and they are more and more looking like rural Western Ukraine in 1986. There are entire sections of the country that look like communist Romania in 1985 under the Ceaușescu dictatorship.

Last but not least - Obama enabled the Democrats to say that this is some post-racial society. Don't ask me how they came up with that, but they sure did. That much for the legacy of the “cool president” who could move a rock to tears by the end of the first paragraph of his speech (but who sold the nation to the banksters in the second paragraph – without anybody noticing because they were still sobbing from the first paragraph). His legacy is just that: he and the Democrats live in constant fear of being unmasked as the champions of just a different subset of the billionaire donors who enabled the rise of the dark forces within.

4. In America you are buying access to all of the things

The same way you have to pay an admission fee to a game or to the theater, and the popcorn is rarely included, in America you are paying for access to essential human rights. The richer you are, the better the access is. The richer you are - the more disregard you can exercise towards other human beings. It is a devious system where almost everybody is trying to get better access by climbing on the heads of the nearest people who are all in the same process. Everybody is yelling at the same time in an attempt to be more seen and in a display of brighter fighting skill to be noticed and chosen by someone higher up on the ladder. But in vain. Those people higher up are looking upwards too, and they are yelling even louder and fighting harder.

This goes on all the way to the top of all of the ladders. Sometimes someone tumbles down and the process repeats itself. While everybody is climbing there is heavy rain of the shit coming down. It is thickest at the base of the ladder. There are a few steps missing between the top of the ladder and the highest echelon of society. It is my opinion that from the top of the ladder there is no logical way higher via this natural selection process. One can either make some vain leap of faith and probably die trying (while killing many others on the way down) or one has to acquire some sort of magic carpet and invisibility cloak to be allowed to get further. Without those magic items he/she will be seen and destroyed on approach. When one gets there, I can only imagine that he or she is immediately taken to a separate chamber and has to swear infinite allegiances to the group and after that all their previous memory is erased. The people in the higest echelon are lifers there, they are interbreeding and all the positions are hereditary, rarely does someone fall off.

There is an entire chunk of the population that does not participate in this process:

5. The ones that want to be left alone.

Most people just want to be left alone and do their little things that they like. They absolutely hate to be egged on to do the bidding of someone else. Contrary to popular worldwide belief, the USA IS great country -- not for the economic power and military or whatnot (see above) - not even for the form of government (which is less and less democratic with a small 'd'). America behaves like the biggest asshole abroad. It is a great country at home for all the people who just want to be left alone and do their little thing. The omnipresent money-making is just a false interpretation of the creativity that is so inherent here. It is rare that someone who invents something meaningful or makes something beautiful will get to fully monetize it, too, for themselves. And yet people still do their thing, for the love of doing the thing. This is the true exceptionalism - not those other descriptions that you will find elsewhere.

6. Brits and Russians wear tracksuits a lot. Truth.

(c) dusan palka 2017