Consider the unforseen implications of your vote.
Consider the unforseen implications of your vote.

Every single time there are more Wikileaks leak's Clinton takes instantly a lead in the polls - according to the media and Yahoo!news particularly.

Like, honestly, I do not like any of these goons running for POTUS. I think that Clinton gained the nomination of her party unfairly. Trump is dopey, Liberatarians are outright insane and Green party are like a watermelon - green outside and red inside (and let me tell you that I am familiar with outcome of so called 'Green policies' in real life from Europe - it hurts normal ordinary people more than one can imagine and it a gateway to gigantic state-funded "green" projects for aimless 'not-for profits' and foot in the doorway for the corporate entities to benefit the most). Taking all that into an account, I am more and more inclined to go and support His Trumpiness Rump just for this very reason of the media not fullfilling their role. The campaign news coverage should be fair and should cover all the candidates and should not favor one of them in their views. Journalism went long way down since I worked in media. Back in those days there was A clear difference between the news and the opinions and commentaries. That difference seems to be gone now. The 4th estate was there for a reason and the 1st amendment too. I get some solace from simple realization that the people do not get their news from big published media and TV outlets anymore.

This approach of big media and their online agregates reminds me so much of the communist propaganda from where I came from originally. This is one ugly campaign we are having now in 2016. I cannot grasp why the Democrats are not talking about the issues. They could probably win this election if they would care at least a bit. I guess they do not care and do not want to commit at all or are plagued with ineptitude to get it out - which I doubt. It is Trump the Magnificent and his running mate Pants who talks about issues in their own grotesque ways and the rest of the world plus Democrats are in perfect unity of talking about Trump. If they - the Democrats - will lose it is only by their own design and execution of this campaign which has been anything but creative or intelligent or upfront with the people about what do they actually want. They are underestimating the voter yet again. The average voter wants a paternalistic state that makes a lot of tough decisions for them and, suprisingly, it is Trump who panders to that instead of Clinton.

In my old country where the parties choose their candidates to run (and not the people in primaries like what used to be normal here) we must vote there for or against a candidate or a party on straight party ticket. The only two direct votes we have there are in our senate and presidential elections, but since we are not presidential system it doesn't have such big impact like here.(The president is a figurehead and the prime minister runs things) These are the options we have there and these are almost the same options we have here now too. At least with the Democrats. Why? Now we know for certain (thank you Wikileaks) that the party leadership colluded and decided years ahead of the primary to nominate Clinton. It reminds me so very much of that certain political system from Europe - the one for which I have an ever-growing running list of the parties that made me so mad over the last 25 years that I swore not vote for them never ever again no matter what.

The choice of Clinton was the worst idea Democrats had in a long long time. About since they went neoliberal. I think they already know that. They dispatched all their knights and infantry out of the fort over the moat already some weeks ago and they seem not make much progress. Part of the problem is that Clinton's achievments list reads like a manifest of her wishes and broken promises to the peasantry of the US electorate. I am mainly talking about her signature move to talk about being a champion of the issue of the women and children and minorities during her four decades of political career. We have more women and more children living in the poverty than before she started. And the situation of the 'minorities' is about the same. And I am also talking about her comment that 'yeah the universal healthcare can be ok' but later that the single payer healthcare will 'never happen' in USA with the little missguided tail comment (confirming that she doesn't know how it works) that the waiting periods for the procedures can be a problem. That reminds me that in the current climate when someone is uninsured and poor waiting period for the procedure can be rather deadly. And let's talk about Clinton's coziness with big money shots and noncomittal comments about the need for the regulation of big players on the markets while she benefited directly from those same big players in the past. I would use the term 'compensated endorser' disclosure on her bio here. And let's talk about the 'unhealthy veil of secrecy' that the entire Clinton enterprise surrounds itself with. Something happens and their response is denial, more denial and at the very end a marginal revelation that is damaging. One can only scream 'What a bunch of idiots!' and 'Who runs this?!'

Now compare that to Trump the Stump. He is very upfront with us, he is a verified business loser man and complete underdog veiled in the sheen of sucess of neobaroque proportions. It surely feels that he tells us everything that comes to his mind. He blurts out things he shouldn't have. He just cannot shut up. He wakes up at 3 AM to tweet about some ridiculous thing.

I clearly see it now: 'A vote for Trump is a vote for open government.'

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