Where has all the fairness gone?
Where has all the fairness gone?

Where has all the fairness gone?

I am musing today over what's still fair and what is not. One candidate can't do any wrong, ever. The other one can't do any right -- besides his children. It seems to be the root cause of my upset here. It is not humanly possible to be flawless like that. Someone must be a reanimated dead shell stuffed inside with a well oiled robot in order to be that perfect.

This icky icky not-nice yuck campaign brought us something I have not seen before - beside communist propaganda: that is, an all out effort to make either one of the main candidates look as big of jumbo dumbo as possible and divert the electrorate's attention from the real issues United States is facing to our familiar personal attacks. Those issues are, in random order: national security, international security, economy, infrastructure, healtcare, climate, trade balance sheets, transparency of our governemnt, poverty, immigration, alliens and space exploration and serious lack of any bald anchormen on TV.

So let me take these things bit apart here.

National security

Here I give Trump like 7 or maybe even a 9. Big mouth, firm talk, strong pose. Seriously, he is right that you either have a border or you don't have a state. So Trump won this one. 3 or 1 goes to Clinton for repulsive metronome-like rhythm of her speech. With the cannonade of that beat she could send the hordes of Atilla the Hun back to wherever they came from.

International security

Here I give Clinton a 5, right? That leaves 5 to deal around the table, she is a total 5 for her 'border-free hemispheric trade zone.' I give 1 to Gary Johnson for being honest and having a great suprised look. I give Jill Stein 2. And I give 8 to Trump - just like that. I simply will. Can't stop me.


Here it is clear. Who built the greatest system of generating money out of sheer nothing? It is Clinton, I think I give her a total of 8, she is like that, a bit rounder on the bottom with a smaller, round head on top.


Here I have to give Trump a 10, he is a total 10, he built an icerink.


We must build upon the ACA and then repeal it. It is a toss-up. 5-5, I wouldn't go to a bookie with it.


It is still pretty warm during the day, but I can feel the icy wind in the night. Climate is totally overestimated now. I give it a 6, maybe 7 if winter comes early. Coal is coming back and the fracking is full-on.

Trade balance sheet

It is a total disaster - a total disaster. We ran out of perforated paper and toner and have no backup, and there was that logistics problem with the cargo ship from China. We cannot tell any definite result as of now. This one goes to Clinton for her firm opposition to TPP.

Transparency of our governemnt

This one goes to Wikileaks and/or Russia.


Clinton has been champion of poverty - she is a clear 10 here. What have you got to lose with her? She has been at it for 40 years... 40 years at it, folks.


This one goes to Trump, he is a total 10, he has been very close to at least two immigrants. And we should make it a 5-5 split at the end for Henry Kissinger and George Soros, who have been behind Hillary all the way.


This is an issue that has been completely researched by Mr. Podesta (Clinton's campaign main figure lurking behind the curtains who believes in Area 51) The total 10 goes to her camp.

Space exploration

this one is clear: 10 for Trump - he can explore any space you leave him to maneuver in.

Serious lack of bald anchormen on TV

This is the main issue of this campaign. It is the main undertone of all this fight, we just have not been told. But I figured it out. It is in all the subliminal messages that are beaming at our subconsious ego. We all want to see more bald anchormen on TV. But where does one draw the line? How many bald anchormen is enough?

Enough is enough, we will have to fight it on election day.

(c) dusan palka 2016