Demise of the public broadcaster called WNED
Demise of the public broadcaster called WNED

There are two entire channels on my broadcast TV that glorify violence in shows about cops and unsolved crimes. If we would devote two entire TV channels to the English language and real science education, it would make for better entertainment and btw. if the PBS had stayed true to its mission we would not need it anyway.

We have three broadcast pixelizing digital PBS channels now in the WNED market (Buffalo, Toronto). Yeah I know, sounds weird to me too.

Instead PBS - living from the donations of wealthy or aspirational wannabe-wealthy and thus catering to them- turned into a cozy employment place for some executives and into a corporate lifestyle channel of mediocre quality for viewers.

I like to watch 'the box of idiocy' to relax so why do I have to suddenly endure cooking show after cooking show out of sheer lack of real programming interrupted only by Rick Steves travelling over the world and a promotion of other means of entertainment for the wealthy ? And why the fuck do I have to see these guys not asking This Old House if it even wants to be covered in plastics? How come Roy Underhill still has all his digits? No Steven Reichlen aka Bob Dingleberry (@ our household), not every food item is meant to be smoked and roasted. And what is this British Royal fetish? WTF?

Why do the kids' channel of PBS in a fake bid for equality promotes mediocrity and normalizes failure?

Now the News Hour is like reading the Establishment Democrats Daily. And in the night there is a travesty of newscasting in the shape and form of a program call NBR, Nightly Business Report. It is a show that the entire premise of is to glorify the money. It is gross and should be on some cable pay-per-view channel for idiots who subscribe to this religion.

Are we such a nation of idiots that it all has to be dumbed-down to this level?

I just want my PBS back - the way I like it. It was just fine with plenty of documentaries and educational programs and occasional mystery show with decent middle of the road news broadcast. Take your idiotic new programs on Discovery or other stupid commercial channel.

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