Neoliberal EUism
Neoliberal EUism

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Illusions Illusions Illusions – The Czech Republic has got themselves a new govt. forming. One of the first things they said before the dust had time to settle was that they will focus their policy more on Germany, and on allying more with that wing of Europe than within the group known as Visegrad 4 – with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. That tells me that they are hungry. Hungry for EU recognition - hungry for higher standing in EU's bureaucracy. The Czech Republic's also due to hold the office of EU Council President soon. Let’s forget the illusion that the EU is a happy family; there is an ongoing internal struggle between national forces represented by Visegrad and other states that do not want their national identities to melt into a pond full of weak fish with the omnipotent bureaucratic hit or miss- representation at the EU Commission. Even though the language of dual speed EU has been abolished it is still very much a fact of life determined exactly by the size of the population and national economy.

Dear Czech Republic - Stop that endlessly pathetic “do they even know about us in the West, that we are just like them.” They will know you and they will recognize you when you stand proud and for your nation, rather than for some empty proclamation of international togetherness. That is the only language that the centers of power understand.

A nation's well-being is not measured by look at how well-off the richest people are, but rather by looking at how the poorest people are doing, looking at their rate of upward mobility into at least an illusion of Middle Class and their ability to stay there.

The opposition in the Czech Republic is going to be complicit in whatever is coming, and something is coming. The current opposition created a fairly insane deficit when they were in power. It all went according to plan. On top of that, the opposition leader will want to remain in politics and will probably make an attempt at running for president . If I learned anything about the mechanisms of power since the fall of communism in 1989, it is that this new government shall now establish austerity measures on the pretense of combating the deficits. That is the neoliberal script for things that have to do with economy. The incoming government coalition has not held power for close to a decade. There are not many pooches left to screw and make bank on. I won't even hint at the things that can still be screwed with.

Don't forget the lesson from the last time that something like this happened, e.g. where your domestic energy costs went, and how long that plot was in the making. Growth of the domestic economy does not come from outsourcing and decimating your own industry. It is not based on the ability to import things from third world countries on deficit, no matter how “green” they'll try to paint this approach . By doing that - you are ruining your chances of making it to that world stage you are so desperate to stand on as an equal partner. By outsourcing your industry you are not only outsourcing the thing that brought your country greatness and name recognition, but you are also outsourcing the pollution it causes. Pollution that you have the power and technology to counteract, shunted onto developing and undeveloped countries that can't do anything about it.

Do not fall for the mantra of the public-private partnership as ‘the only possible and responsible way’ forward . So far, all the benefits of the deal have gone to private entities, and all the debts and cost have been dumped on the public. Remember Veolia. Remember all the others. It is all based on the script The World Bank used in the late 80s to profit from the natural resources of frontier countries. You have been on the receiving end of this for close to three decades. Have you learned anything yet?

Do not fall for the rhetoric of “we need to be responsible and strip you of all services temporarily to make up for all the loss. Let’s trim that fat a bit, and meanwhile squeeze and pop the belt just one eyelet further on our mandatory expenses.” When has that ever worked like that? Yeah, right, never. It's the back and forth of these coalitions taking turns in screwing you, one way or another, painting themselves with whichever tribal colors suit their needs and pretending to be something that they patently are not. They are just taking turns, and they've all learned how to start and fight these idiotic culture wars and how to play identity politics from the masters of these tactics – the communists. When they're in dire straits – which will certainly happen, as all governments go through rough patches – they'll pull out the scarecrow of Russian influence.

Beware! Let's remember, now at the anniversary of Vaclav Havel's death, that contrary to some people's beliefs, Havel understood the power plays around European integration and the relevance of the Visegrag group in them.

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