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Dusan Palka

Native of Prague, Czech Republic.

the author holds a collection of eclectic masters degrees in history, linguistics, pedagogy and psychology from a time when university degrees from Charles University still meant something. The author would have held a masters degree in Marxism-Leninism as well, since all the prerequisites were fulfilled; alas, the communist regime fell off a cliff and the author's dreams of posessing that degree as well (albeit mandatory at the time for all college masters program graduates) were shattered.

A pioneer of media internet presense (with his wife as the originator) and former director of Radio Prague, later a freelance writer, overall reclusive nut interested in songwriting, rock music, luthiery, small scale DIY farming, tinkering, cat ownership and birdwatching. He has lived in the USA since 1998.

His most recent endevours include, but are not limited to: mortal combat with a Covid19-vaccine-induced GBS-like injury, relentless ridicule of the USA's and global establishments of all kinds. He generally avoids social media, aside from the most bizzare one of them all - Facebook - where he tends to interact with their adversarial AI that provides him with unbelievable "fact checks" most of the time. According to Facebooks' AI in 2021 he perhaps became a founder of brown shirt flannel movement of one.

You can either send him an email, or find him in person if you visit Buffalo NY or one of its suburbs - West Seneca - lovely capital of bland non-descript first tier former Buffalos' farm belts.

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