Ivermectin wars - This watch didn’t suffer from lack of movement.
Ivermectin wars - This watch didn’t suffer from lack of movement.

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“You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all.”

Sure, stop it, you are a person - possibly with a brain. You are not a mute dumb animal. Use that organ – the brain. How is it that human Ivermectin is good for the entire facility – infected or not - when old folks home get a single case of scabies? It treats the disease and prevents pesky negligence lawsuits. It is apparently safe and effective. The same goes for part of the world with other diseases that are treatable with it. Just look at the WHO website Vigiaccess. There are multiple studies that present the angle of treatment with Ivermectin as merely one element in a multidrug protocol. How come it is ok to treat COVID19 with cheap human Ivermectin in half the world with mostly brown and black people but it is not good for the mostly white and oh-so enlightened West? Could this be intentional? I see this angle that seems to be escaping all the discourse about the subject of Ivermectin. There are two elements in this. Let’s take them apart.

First Element

The first element is the pharmacological industry, its greed, and the regulatory agencies and media that have been captured by it. Seriously, does anybody even doubt that any more? Fluvoxamine is still not being recommended; after two years neither the CDC nor the NIH have put up even the most basic COVID care guidelines? A respiratory disease that one is supposed to not treat? Seriously? No vitamin D, no vitamin C, no anti-inflamtory, no zinc, no plavix or aspirin, no plaquenil, no bromhexine, no novalgin, no doxycycline for secondary infection? Nothing? No treatment? If this is the case congratulations! Your country has achieved the USA's level of healthcare.

Second Element

The second element is that the West is so easily manipulated because it thinks of itself as too good and advanced to need to take an anti-parasitic. Oh no, it is not the enlightened, cultured West that could possibly benefit from the “deworming drug”. They don’t look past that. They make ridiculous statements about the poor countries people improving in the outcome of Covid19 cases not because of the efficacy of the treatment, but rather due to the fact that they “finally got that so needed deworming“ of their “infested unclean bodies” - that speaks for itself. That is the traditional Western view of their former colonies, dominions and spheres of influence.

But what about them?

The New “West” - the countries of the former Eastern block in the EU go right along with this mentality of the utmost snobs. They so desperately want to be part of that West that they dreamed about under the communist oppression of the Soviet Era that they now spew the same mantra about the unclean masses of the poor South and East. BTW, they always did. “Honey, you better wash that banana - you don’t know what darkie picked it up.” The children of the former Soviet block got from their mothers and fathers, as I recall. It is the good old xenophobia of the West and New West. They probably would also rather die than accept that they are the same people, made of the same organic particles that the people in South and East are made of.

Nobody looks for the science part of the deal.

Ivermectin is fairly effective at treating illnesses like COVID, and has about 6-7 or so mechanisms of action – among those the fact that it's a protease inhibitor - and was studied and examined for use in treatment of similar illnesses for a long time, since the original SARS infection wave in the early 2000s, or shortly thereafter. The same applies to the somewhat similar Nitazoxanide, that one's stayed under the radar so far. Protease inhibitors are a class of drugs that have been used against viral infections since around the 1980s – used to treat infections like hepatitis, and also HIV – another reason some people in the West feel threatened with this science – because….you know…. “only people of a questionable lifestyle have AIDS and hepatitis.” It is these ingrained stereotypes of the West playing against our own benefits and creating such fertile soil for all anti early treatment propaganda.

Early treatments

The stereotypes and cowardice of our Western populations and our very own Congress (besides the obvious influence of pharma lobbyists) caused them to not stand up and advocate for Early Treatment with multiple available therapeutics in a cocktail of drugs. The Ivermectin war is just the tip of the iceberg. Woke or a nut you are xenophobes and morons and your brains are infested with propaganda. Hey y’all, yo a tool!


There is one thing I do not want to forget to give honorable mention to, this idiotic episode completely misfired and spread the news of Ivermectin like a wildfire. People who did not suffer from the preconceived notions described above researched the subject for themselves in Covid19 scientific literature, and greatly benefited from it by learning fairly effective multidrug protocols. Thank you.

Sampling of Links:

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Exploring the binding efficacy of ivermectin against the key proteins of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis: an in silico approach

Molecular Docking Reveals Ivermectin and Remdesivir as Potential Repurposed Drugs Against SARS-CoV-2

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