Quick and dirty update
Quick and dirty update
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It has been almost 5 months since I thought that I improved to like 80% of my former self. What happened since January?

So, I had a relapse that was - with the help of my GP - treated with 1.5 mg of Colchicine for about two months.

Then I had Omicron or something that was very much like it in March 2022. I used the early treatment protocol from the FLCCC for 5 days. The symptoms were this strangely running nose and a bit of a sore throat, and overall misery not unlike a cold. I think it was Omicron but it could have also been something else. No tests. Rust belt/flyover country abandoned whatever was left of available free testing all together. All the sites are closed and I am not going to pay for something that I can treat for $10. Plus I have exactly 0% trust in the accuracy of the testing.

My initial assessment from January of 80% of my former self was wrong. I am still at about 50%. I can't play guitar much, I can do like 10-15 minutes and my left hand is still doing things that I didn't ask for. Other than that I can do one bigger task a day - shopping or some other small task on top of that. I have to rest after that. When and if I overdo something it takes me 3 to 5 days to recover. My legs are still pretty bad and I get tired easily. My calves are doing what I call - for the lack of other expressions- ticking. It is still polyneuropathy going there. My POTS are still there. I have to kneel in three steps and stand up in 4 or more steps. I cannot just bend down or I will get vertigo. When I stand up quickly I will get vertigo. When I sleep too long it is worse.

I am a walking barometer. I can predict weather better than my smart phone. I can do about an hour ahead, some days even more. My vision is what I would call foggy or blurry some days and I am still sensitive to loud noise. I use the power of autosuggestion to tell myself that every car going by our house is another quick tidal wave.

The 20-30 day cycle from being ok to misery and back is still there but it is less pronounced.

As of today May 14th I am not taking anything. I am sick of taking pills. I do not want to see doctors and all I want is to be left alone. I am about to travel to EU for two months so I will give an update on how that goes when I am there or when I get back.

I have some theories about the injury:

1/ Emergent BioSolutions didn't destroy all the spoiled by cross-pollination vaccines of J&J and AZ

2/ I received much higher dose than it was supposed to be dealt around.

3/ It went exactly as expected and I am in the wrong cable car.

4/ It is all in my head.

5/ This is a very strange afterlife and I am truly dead.

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