The not so modern way of dealing with dissent
The not so modern way of dealing with dissent

America's COVID-19 mass-vaccination campaign has close to 900 000 adverse events reported in the FDA’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). Some of those adverse effects have been severe enough to cause nearly 10 000 deaths, and this is just in the USA. Why is this not spoken about? This is an unprecedented number of vaccine-related mortalities; in one year more people have died from adverse reactions to a vaccine than in all previously recorded years combined. I am one of the 900 000 that reported negatively effects. In this article I will recount everything I encountered and learned about during my time dealing with the severe adverse outcome of a vaccine. While I am trying to describe it as neutrally as I can, I either personally experienced or witnessed and examined in great detail everything I am writing about. I hope that I left out as little as possible.

Everybody knows

‘Everybody knows’ vaccines are capable of being dangerous. Otherwise there would be an easy, straight forward approval process. ‘Everybody understands’ that with any medical procedure there comes a risk, but most people don't want to believe that it is possible until it happens to them. Why?

Let me explain:

With any mass vaccination attempt with a new vaccine that does not have years of testing there will be people injured or otherwise adversely effected by the campaign. That is not the intended impact - it is calculated collateral damage. There are several reasons, besides the simple fact that it is a new and thus relatively unknown product. Regardless of the testing, scaling up the distribution will always bring multiple problems. There could be be dosing issues, it could be that the procedure for administering the injection is flawed, it could be improper storage of the product, and there could well be circumstances unique to the individuals being vaccinated. The question remains - what is acceptable collateral damage and what is the ratio between benefits to and risks for the vaccinated. What we are seeing is that benefits are amplified and risks are discounted as negligible and victims are marginalized. That goes contrary to the principle of full disclosure.

Unknown SIRVA and its worse but less known companions

There is a decent amount of literature dedicated to SIRVA - Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration – the one gaining some recent prominence as a potential culprit behind myocarditis – but hitting the vein is not the only issue, there are at least two others - hitting the nerve and/or hitting the shoulder's joint capsule. The predominant method of untrained or half-trained pharmacy clerks injecting vaccines into the shoulder is not a well thought-out process. Here in the West, we go for the dangerous location of the shoulder out of a prudish mentality – 'oh no, we can not possibly expose our butts to some random person to receive a vaccine'. The rest of the world goes along with this without thinking. Some of the injuries resulting from this and other questionable decisions are: myocarditis, blood clots, Guillain–Barré syndrome, strokes, various forms of nerve damage, and transverse myelitis. These are all serious injuries that have a long-term, if not permanent impact on one's life. There is no one-size-fits-all fix for these effects.

The Drive and lubrication

First, the vaccination campaign gets many incentives thrown onto it. For instance, being able to go out in public without wearing a mask. The driving force behind the achievement of the objectives of any such campaign is the general public's belief and hope that the disease can and will be eradicated. That is the what motivates trust in the campaign and the institutions that originated it and/or support it, the trust that is needed for the campaign to be effective. I will not discuss bodily autonomy, or obvious things like how ethical something like a vaccine mandate is or isn't. That was already beaten to death among the pundits since this campaign started, so I will talk about something else – the sand.


Any sand thrown into the cogs of the machine that goes into high gear to perform the mass vaccination will be a problem. Survivors of vaccine injuries are that sand.


There are several possible approaches to deal with people injured by the vaccine - the sensible approach would be to say: “Hey - I am sorry, let's fix this” and “let’s learn from this and make the vaccine better”, but the play book is as follows:

- never acknowledge that anybody like that exists unless they land in a hospital and get their injury dealt with, or die outright. Pretend that there are only severe and exceedingly rare and/or good outcomes of the vaccine. Nothing in-between.

For those who suffer long term impact and try to be open about it -

- deny the existence of the injured entirely, and make them believe that they are abnormal and should self-censor entirely not talk about their experience.

- disincentivize reporting - make reporting and documenting injuries caused by a vaccine as cumbersome as possible. Most people have to self-report, and the process at VAERS takes about 45 minutes, and that's if you know your way around websites, computers and databases. Once an injury has been reported there is no obvious system of adding data to the initial report.

- require proof of injury – presumption of innocence of the injured is nil

- prevent a diagnosis by any means necessary

- call them crazy 'antivaxxers' using the same kind of logic one would use when calling someone with an allergy to peanuts who suffered from anaphylactic shock an anti-food activist. Clearly someone who just took a vaccine and was injured is not an antivaxxer.

- refer them to mental services - stigmatize them and gaslight them all the way

- diagnose them with something else - a chronic disease and profit from their distress that way via ineffective but very profitable treatment by charging them for the privilege. The ethics of such an act is not subject of this essay, but this is just a remark that patient-centered care, complete disclosure, shared critical decisions and so-on are, in this case, replaced by purely-profit driven policies where the patient is often immediately punished for questioning the course of treatment, questioning of the diagnostic methods, or displaying displeasure with the treatment offered. This is a very hands-off approach with minimal communication between doctor and patient since the initial 'diagnosis'. The rest is on autopilot at a snail-paced tempo. By the end of the year, the patient's condition hasn't improved, and yet the practice collects an amazing amount of co-pays and fees, especially if and when they own any diagnostic imaging equipment.

- if all fails drive them to self-harm by calling them some other names: antivaxxer, something-winger, terrorist, racist, something-supremacist, anti-Semite, conspiracy theorist, religious bigot anti-science nut etc. and proceed in destroying their credibility. The truth trombones of our mass media go into overdrive if it ever comes out of someone with a huge following. This is all done to create an insurmountable and completely artificial political divide.

- the moment vaccine injured people start to organize and get in touch and form interest groups in coalitions with other similarly impacted people - de-platform them and drive wedges between them by singling out one group and make them appear to be mentally ill, or alternatively acknowledge only one group among many and tell the rest they are fakes. These are age-old divide-and-conquer tactics.

-the next tactic is to make fake organizations with impossible requirement of membership, like a proof of injury that is next to impossible to obtain unless one has had a near death experience and landed in a hospital in a time frame that ensures clear and direct causation. This organization will pretend to be advocating for those injured by the vaccine.

- next - establishment use of other establishments – the establishment's regulatory agencies will deploy the captured and subverted medical establishment to only focus on and publicize papers that toe the party line and suppress information that would endanger the narrative. Ensure that data, no matter how empirical it is, is suppressed or misrepresented if it deviates from the script. Nothing is as persistent as settled science confirmed by a peer reviewed paper – the more published papers reinforcing the orthodoxy by mutual citations, the better the (often manifestly harmful) orthodoxy gets entrenched.

-get everyone in line. Try to scare those doctors (via their professional established organizations or via regulatory boards and with the helping hand of the media) who would treat people with vaccine injury in alternative ways – threaten them with professional setbacks, or at least ridicule them in the public eye and give them pejorative labels of all kinds like quack or homeopath. The moment they go public, everything has to be swept under the carpet.

- ridicule any other treatment, like there is only one way out of a problem. If a case of vaccine injury occurs, the only answer is to get plasmapheresis, steroids or intravenous immunoglobulin infusion treatment, gabapentin, or another well-established treatment. It is very hard to even get treated, since it requires a specific diagnosis and proper IDC10 code but even after that herculean task, only pre-established treatments are permitted, even in the absence of positive results from such treatments (especially after some time has passed since the initial injury occurred). It must be that there is something else wrong with the patient, and it is not the fault of the vaccine or main-street medicine that the established medical treatment did not work. All the rest is to be considered quack medicine. Off-label prescriptions are greatly discouraged.

- testifying is made hard - Make all the people who were injured because of the vaccine make all of these crazy disclosures so that they will sound positively nuts. You know the lines - “I am not an antivaxxer” - that is a crazy statement in and of itself. Someone who got injured as the result of taking a vaccine is obviously not an antivaxxer. This will just make them sound crazy. It is like that line - “I am not a liar.” Why do you have to disclose something like that in the first place? Why even bring it up? It is a crazy display of flagellant masochism. The more you speak like that - the less authentic and more manic it will sound.

- lastly, the process of compensation for the injury is there as a showpiece of the kindness of the authorities, but it is overly-complicated and set up in such a way that it is impossibly hard to prove causation. That is to make the idea of filing reports and claims repellent to the general public, and to once again paint all those people with non approved claims as quacks, nuts and fraudsters. The system for reporting was set up by the same people responsible for pushing these vaccines, and they have made sure that there is no appeal process or alternate procedure for reporting.

Devious Mechanism

So why is this all so devious? It plays on very basic feelings and instincts. These methods are based on the following:

As I already stated: ‘Everybody knows’ vaccines are dangerous. ‘Everybody understands’ that with any medical procedure there comes a risk. Most people don't want to believe it is possible until it happens to them. Why? Why is the human mind so incentivised to go along with all of this?

People's reaction to testimony – public or private

Some will refuse to listen entirely, they will clam up and ignore what is right in front of them - that is fear dominating their minds. “Oh no, it cannot be true, I don’t want it to be true, make it go away” and they push it out of their conscience. And they figuratively or literally try to walk away to avoid the whole thing. Turn it off!

When you persevere and talk about your vaccination injury to someone, some people will overcome that initial fear response since curiosity gets the better of them. Many of those who listen will also draw satisfaction from it. They will feel lucky and rewarded for their goodness because it went well for them - but at the same time they still have that little trauma since it is scary to get a vaccine. But since they feel more rewarded for it than punished by it they will proceed to tell you all about their experience right there. They will tell you how well it went for them and how protected they are. Some even proceed to tell you that that it surely must be your fault that it didn't work as intended. They start asking if you drink, smoke, have any history of substance abuse and all kinds of things that would provide confirmation bias for them. It will go on in great detail like - what do you eat? Some will pass even faith based judgments too. In fact they feel they are the chosen ones and gratified that, somehow, they are better people than you since it went well for them. They overcame the fear and somehow in their own mind they won – another rewarding thought. At the same time, some will feel a bit of guilty shame, which is a rewarding feeling too because it confirms their goodness, since they have internally self-expressed some empathy. Their thoughts end with ‘thank god it’s not me’. There will be no admission of that of course. So don’t get mad when they will all go virtue signaling all over social media and in-person as well. It is natural, they are relieved of the fear.

Hide in plain sight

Even many of the people with minor injury from vaccines will not admit it at all, and even some with major problems suffer in silence since they are ashamed of the fact that they are not an integral part of the hive of normalcy as they thought they were, and they want to remain part of the collective.

From propaganda to dissent

This is the insidious mind game that propaganda plays all the time. Carrot and stick, over and over again. This is the way that regimes deal with dissent. All regimes. Basic acts of non-compliance are a danger to any regime. The act of giving testimony about a vaccine injury is an act of non-compliance. It is major act of non-compliance – dissent. Mechanisms for dealing with dissent are all somewhat similar, and range from physical violence to full-on psychological warfare. Those who are open about their vaccine injuries are not Edward Snowden level threats yet, but they are on the path to it when they speak out. They are dangerous to the system.

The vaccine injuries are real, they do happen, and denying it is pointless. That is not the intended impact – but it is calculated collateral damage.

All the above somewhat applies to the ability to obtain any exemptions from vaccination as well as the treatment of some so-called “long covid” patients.


You injured victims, be truly grateful for those who will listen and sincerely believe you and mainly for the doctors who will treat you for real. Try to take it easy about what is coming to you because it is by design, try to get help and navigate this insane maze with as little harm to your health and pocket as possible - and the rest of you, be nice to the people with damage from the vaccines. Next time it could be you - and this is the real world, not some Metaverse where you pretend to be an ASCII icon and get paid for the goodness of your heart combined with having the correct allegiance in the virtual currency that is your social credit score. Here on Earth real things have real consequences.

It is emotionally draining, especially when even some in your own family and people you care about the most will look at you strangely and go on and take the booster like you didn’t tell them a thing. And in case of family, it's like genetics couldn’t have had anything to do with the possibility of an adverse outcome.

I reckon there will never be any reckoning, compensation, admission of wrongdoing, or apology for the harassment you received from participating in it. It will just fizzle out. Nothing. The people who lied will go on lying about something new. You will be yesterdays controversy. Controversial therapeutics will suddenly be accepted, repackaged - perhaps even patented in new compounds and sold on the market. Life will go on. Concentrate on getting better.


The uncomfortable disclosure - I got the shot in April, it was the single stupidest decision I ever made. I should have listened to myself ranting about the need to test for antibodies to determine if I needed the shot or not. On top of that, at the time they were saying that it provided relief even to the people with ongoing problems from real infections so I was like 'OK, sounds feasible'. I knew it was going to become required shot for international travel. I convinced myself that all the reactions are results of the PEG ingredient in the MRNa vaccines and that the vector DNA vaccine wouldn't do that. I was propagandized just like anybody else, and I can not believe now that I believed them. I took the vaccine against my better judgment somehow hoping that in the Autumn I would be able go back to normal, travel to Europe and do my usual things. Of course, that was not going to happen. Instead now, 8th month after the shot, I am still stuck on a chair most of the time, and experiencing a cycle where at the beginning it feels like a quiver of snakes is taking turns biting me all over, and then a herd of wild buffalo tramples over me in a stampede by day 20. It's a 17-20 day cycle from the start, with some improvement at the end, at which point it restarts itself. The site of the shot in my left deltoid is still in quite a bit of pain most of the time, and I have nerve damage (pretty consistent with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy CIDP - closely related to GBS) all over, and the repair and regrowing of the nerves is a long and painful process - so you know - I don't want to talk about that any further but it still hurts - a lot.

Lastly - “Thanks to my sponsor” :

I would like to thank Johnson & Johnson for providing me with more than enough time to think about things on my front porch during the summer and fall of 2021 and on into the winter. Thanks for enabling me to stop and ponder what I am going through, and comparing my mental notes from my previous experiences with state run campaigns and other propaganda with those coming from greats like George Bush the Lesser, Barack Obama the Eternal, Donald Trump the Beautiful, Joe Biden the Senile, infallible and media omnipresent pope of science Anthony Fauci and many many others, but mainly with those from Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.

This has been my view for the last 8 months from the place where I am contemplating things.

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