So what did I do to treat jab injury and why
So what did I do to treat jab injury and why

Spectrum of neurological complications following COVID-19 vaccination screenshot

This is a piece that is meant as a show and tell of what may work and what may not, and how I came to do what I did.

I am a 54 year old male, 5’10”, 165lb, I am an insulin-dependent, type 1 diabetic since about 2001 and my HbA1C has been under complete control since about 2002 at around 5 or less for most of the time aside from the year after I accidentally lost my gallbladder due to a misdiagnosis of hiatal hernia in 2013. It took me while to adjust to a modified diet that had to be stripped of some previously benign elements like some fats and cow milk. I eat what some would call a low-carb high-protein diet today. I call it a proper diabetic diet. I – oh the horror – smoke. I drink coffee. I am abstinent. I never touch alcohol. I do not do substances. I do not care for cannabis, it smells bad to me and only thing it does to me is make me want to puke. I like garden fresh things so I grow as many as I can. I do not overeat. I am fairly physically active on the farm and in my workshop. I do not waste time on things that I consider to be a waste of time. I take pain really well, I always did, and I was also trained for it. I have some special medical training from the 1980s, I will leave it at that. I am not licensed to do anything healthcare related under US law so I don’t.

As I mentioned in another article on this site, I had a severe adverse reaction to the J&J shot. I am on the path to recovery. It took a good portion of 8 months to get over it at this point. During that time I met with ignorance and a lot of malice from both the public, and even some doctors too. I will praise only one doctor in this entire ordeal and that is my GP. They listened and tried to send me to other specialists and when that basically failed they treated me the best they could. They took it seriously. It is thanks to them that I am able to write this, rather than getting much worse and ending up in the ER, the hospital or dead.

I have to say that to this day I have no idea if I actually had Covid 19 in 2020. I just know that I was in direct contact with a sick person that showed some symptoms, and the same person tested positive two days later. I came down with something a few days later at the end of September 2020. At first it looked like a bad allergic reaction to some seasonal mold that grew on rotting leaves or something. I took Loratadine 10mg for two days and it wouldn’t go away like it usually does. On the third day I lost my sense of smell and taste, aside from the ability to taste salt. At this point I treated it like I would any other respiratory disease, plus one extra element. I took twice daily aspirin full dose, I took twice daily 250 mg of vitamin C, which is in my opinion the upper limit of what one can absorb in an oral dose, I took 4000IU of vitamin D daily, I took B Complex. I gargled with gross Listerine alcohol free mouthwash several times a day to get rid of soreness of the throat that I had a bit. The one extra element was that I took undiluted TCP antiseptic and put it on a long cotton swab and cleaned my nose inside with it for several days every evening. In another words I aggressively treated my nasal passages too, knowing that this is an effective measure in combating many ORL infections, regardless if the infection is viral or bacterial, or even bacterial with no effective antibiotic available. After day 6, my horrendously congested but dry nose broke out in a crazy runny flood of watery discharge. I got a bit of cough and at this point I developed pink eye, which I treated with a tiny glob of fresh Neosporin for 3 days under the eye lid (since the USA in their infinite wisdom do not offer opthalmo-septonex OTC) and it went away after that. I would have also taken bromhexine in the EU for the cough, but again it is not available here in the USA. So I used a strong fennel and thyme tea instead. After 3 weeks everything stopped. I regained, in my opinion, my sense of smell at around the 1 month mark – or at least that is what I thought had happened. I could smell garlic, coffee and I could taste vinegar and onion, and I was ok with it.

There was no reason at this time to get tested in the absence of any available treatment. I remained secluded for the first 14 days of isolation at the farm with my wife.

Life went on. Everybody was ok and so was I.

On April 6th 2021 I got the J&J - as they call it - jab in the left deltoid. I am hesitant today to call it an inoculation. Inoculation is sterilizing. This was not. I am also hesitant to call it a vaccine, but it was sold to me as such and as a traditional one at the time. I have learned better since. I had no reason to doubt it. Boy, was I ever naive ! I even talked my kids into taking this thing.

My initial reaction to the shot was sore shoulder and 4 days of fevers which a few times went higher than 40C. Which I treated with Tylenol per the flyer I got at the pharmacy that administered the shot. Then the fever turned to high temperature and was hovering around 37C for a few days. The shoulder never stopped hurting. I filled VAERS report and thought that was that.

As the month went on, every task that I was doing became harder and harder. Anything physical just made a mess of me. Towards the end of April I developed crazy cramps in my shins every night. I tried combo of Magnesium and Potassium, I increased my water intake, but it didn’t help. The cramps moved to my calves and hands.

Every time I did some small physical task it all got worse. By day 30 after the shot I suddenly lost my sense of smell again without being in contact with any known Covid-positive person. I was not in contact with anybody aside from my secluded family on the farm. There was nobody anywhere. Anosmia lasted about 6 days and then stopped.

The pains and aches got worse and worse by the end of May, and became almost constant. The cramps continued and I had a harder time walking and my heart started racing out of nowhere when I was being even mildly active. At this point I was trying to get in touch with my GP, but their answering machine was on the fritz. Eventually I got through and made a walk there – 4 blocks in the city on my own. This was the last longer walk I made. I described my problems and got a basic blood-work script and referrals to cardiology and neurology.

Initial basic blood work showed absolutely nothing but my HbA1C of 4.8. Great. At least that is ok.

Cardiology ordered a stress test, in the meantime I went to neurology and for the first time saw a scared doctor when I said that it could be Long C19 or a vax injury in my opinion. At that point the neurologist ordered absolutely the most basic blood-work possible and quickly tried to convince me that I was having 1st outbreak of MS and ordered a MRI, then proceeded to probe me with his pointy torture device. My left side was almost senseless compared to the right side. He knew all too well what was happening there. He asked if I saw another doctor and I said that I was about to go to cardiology for the palpitations to which he answered - ‘they will find nothing’ after checking my HbA1C labs results to make sure I am not neurologically impaired in my vagus nerve from uncontrolled diabetes aka gastoperesis. He knew right there and then what I have. And so did I. Of course no moment of honesty came. On the way home from there it got much worse. My feet started burning and swelled. I spent several hours in a tub of cold water to find some relief.

The stress test at cardiology was hard, but I somehow managed to walk on the tread mill to work my heart rate up to over 140 they wanted and the echo showed nothing. The day after that I was just broken. I was so broken that I started to think for the first time in my life that I might not make it. It was the end of June at this point. The lunulas under the nails at my finger tips were throbbing in some strange polka umpa rhythm, left hand fingers were doing whatever they wanted. I am a guitar player and this is a major cause of distress for me – the idea that I will never play again is like vision loss for a painter. Headache was permanent. My head felt like it was gonna explode at any moment. My left eye wanted to go elsewhere than my right eye, consequently I had double vision. If I stood up I was about to faint.

More blood work from my GP, I came up with testing for Lyme since I had it in 2012 and EBV since it felt like it too. It came back as a flareup in both. The rest looked not that unusual.

Back to my GP. At this point the entire horsepaste affair started to unravel. I was researching it because I just do not trust the news ever. I figured out from older articles on the NIH website and other places how it could actually work for myself but I was still extremely skeptical. But what the heck the safety of this drug is excellent. It was safer than anything I had ever taken that required a prescription and then some - even the stupid Tylenol is worse. So I asked for it and actually got a script and got my first box of Human Ivermectin. It was for 5 days of 0.2mg/kg. What happened next was anything but what I expected. I took the first dose at lunchtime and out of nowhere at about 4 PM I got slammed with an intense sense of smell and freshness of the air around that I had no idea I was missing. By the evening my legs became almost pain free. I took the entire course during 5 days as prescribed. By the end of it no cramps and no major pains just overall numbness and occasional burning. I was scheduled to go back to the GP on day 14 after the initial dose. The day after the last dose I was still ok. Then it all started to come back one by one. By the time I went back I was mess again and all the problems returned but the partial anosmia. It actually seemed to be even worse than before. I got a 30 day script.

I started to include other supportive care as I saw fit. All these things are OTC. I started D3 4000IU, I started C250mg every 3 days. 3mg of melatonin to be able to sleep over the pain. The Ivermectin was doing something. It was not getting worse but also not getting noticeably better. I just kept at it. And I kept researching. It was a crash course of neuropathy and treatments since I had IDC10 of G62.9 to start at. I had use of my right hand, the left one was useless. I could make it to the bathroom but barely. I could sit or lay down. I became determined to figure this out. I included low dose aspirin and saw no benefit. I was hesitant to try OTC naproxen since I took it once in 2000 and it gave me major stomach discomfort. I considered Ibuprofen and again I knew it would mess with my digestion. I included zinc every other day and quercetin with it. I saw some mild improvements. It went on like this for a month. I am glad I can take the pain well, as there was a lot of it. At the end of the month I went to get that MRI.

September at MRI I learned that there was no order for contrast. Another dead giveaway that they were milking me (or my insurance since it had to be preaproved) and the neurology owns the big donut aparatus and all. A few days later the results came back, and indeed there was nothing visible on it. I was still being herded into the MS category. When the doctors do not speak to their patients for several months even thought they know the patient is in severe pain and they only send orders via administrative hand over the phone, beware! At this point I knew neurology just wanted my insurance money. Since I originally went there asking for an EMG nerve conductivity study, it was at this point finally ordered for the start of Novemeber. We were still in September. No other orders, no questions how am I doing, just an administrative assistant on the phone, and she knew nothing. I still went along this, mostly out of curiosity of where they were willing to take this charade at this point.

Still in September – when the Ivermectin blockade came down on the USA. I was having a hell of a time getting a refill. Finally one Rite Aid had it in stock and were normal and civil and did the refill. Deity bless the normal pharmacist. I saw this coming and asked a friend abroad to send me a supply, but it took a long time to get here – almost 5 weeks. So I had to do that one last refill here in the USA. By October I was still having some pains and aches, and all was burning, and I still had POTS so I could do about one task a day, like a short trip to a grocery store by car and a short stroll around holding on to the shopping cart just to get meat that I could eat and back home, that was all I could do. Research went on. My shoulder was still throbbing away. My left hand was useless and my right hand so so, legs were still miserable twigs on the bottom of a strangely numb corpse. Tried to up the melatonin to 5 mg and had wild dreams like a small scared child would, tried to go to10mg and could not sleep at all so went back down to 3mg. I also tried to amend my VAERS report and found out that it is impossible. All I could do was send an update by email without any confirmation – strange.

October – I wanted to try some traditional anti-inflamatory medicine now to bridge the time between the half-time of Ivermectin (around 17 hours in my experience) and the next dose of it. Like Colchicine. About that later. At this point I was spending most of my time on the front porch with my feet in an old sink full of cold water. It was helping some. My diet was 4 almonds and spoon of yogurt for breakfast, lunch was 2 scrambled eggs and a piece of goat cheese, dinner was one chicken drumstick, bit of spring onion, some garden herbs, bit of summer squash or ¼ piece of tomato from the garden and some slice of jalapeno or poblano from the garden, or the entire veggie component replaced with garden-fresh collected lettuce with apple cider vinegar over it. 4 table spoons of goat kefir at 9 pm for the probiotic with handful of pecans. Tea and coffee as desired. This has been my primary diet for years, but it became the only things that I ate - no experiments with new things. Nothing with the potential to compromise my blood glucose control. No variables introduced into my experiments with multidrug therapy consisting of one prescription only and OTC supplements. Tried NAC for a week and saw no improvement, tried L-arginine for a week and saw no improvement. Eventually reasoned with myself that it was an allergic-like reaction so at first I tried pepcid at 20mg as low a dose antihistamine and saw no improvement. Switched to Loratadine at 10mg in the morning and another one in the evening and saw major improvement. The legs got much better. I could make it to the end of the yard slowly and POTS were reduced great deal.

Short recap of the situation at the end of October – I was feeling a bit better, there was an obvious cycle to this process, it took about 20 days and then it restarted. I was taking 0.2mg/kg of Ivermectin, I was taking 4000IU daily, I was taking 2x daily 10 mg of Loratadine, I was taking once every 3 days 250mg of vitamin C, and daily 3mg of Melatonin, the weather is turning colder and I could take my legs out of the sink of cold water. I could sit and walk a bit and sleep, and I was exhausted at the end of the day from this anyway. My left hand was still not listening to me and the coordination got worse when I stood up.

November – EMG nerve conductivity study, I went to the neurologist still at least wondering what was going to happen there. I expressed great displeasure at the intake about the treatment they were offering which equaled so far to zilch but they sure billed my insurance heftily for it. The nerve conductivity study was A BIG MISTAKE. It was absolute torture. Second most painful thing that ever happened to me, but compared to an impacted molar extraction without anasthesia in the military it was longer, it was endless. I had to process the whole thing in my head for a week sitting on the porch, but right upon leaving the place I knew this was a mistake and a major setback. I was back at full blown polyneuropathy at this point again. I looked online at the neurology portal for the result of the conductivity study and it was there showing as performed but it is only empty pages as the results – what more dystopian things can I get from these people?

Sitting on the porch and silently monologuing in my head about the injustice in the world and wishing upon the devil that is neurology an infestation of black plague . Now experiencing PTSD on top of all this crap. There was a benefit of this, I went off the computer for a whole week and had time to clear my head and stop doing research and reasoned with myself instead and came up with three more things – Iron and B12 and B3 decided to reintroduce B complex so not to make an imbalance among all the Bs. My reasoning was that if something was sheltering in the lipids niacin would flush it partially and B12 would help with jittered nerves. At this point I got a phone call that my MRI has be pre-approved from some third party that does this for my insurance. Then the neurology office desk called again that the doctor checked my chart, and that since they could not see anything on the MRI without a contrast they wanted me to repeat it with the contrast this time. I just about had it with these guys at this point. So I told the poor girl right there that I saw no point in continuing this charade, I said it politely but firmly. The following day I got registered letter that neurologist in his infinite wisdom decided to dismiss me. Not after I told them what I think at the office, not even when I questioned their strange off hands approach to a patient in major neurological distress but only after I decided not to have another costly procedure at their own facility that requires pre-approval of my insurance that they ordered on top of all that without consulting with me at all. Still shaking my head.

At the end of November I was taking 0.2mg/kg of my weight of Ivermectin, 4000Iu of D3, 250mg of C daily with 65mg of Iron, upon discovering some small sore in my mouth I tried 8000IU of vitamin A and stuck to it since my vision somewhat improved too, 2x daily B complex. Slow small step recovery while inching towards the Christmas. On Decemeber 20th 2021 I called my doctor and we together decided to discontinue the Ivermectin and replace it with Colchicine 0.5mg. I stopped that day all but 4000IU of D3. It was a rough week over Christmas. I picked up the Colchicine but never took it. I was wondering if I will see return to the bad state of inflammatory reaction but it so far did not come. I could do some walking and some gentle activity, the POTS are almost gone. My left hand still not very good and the shoulder still hurt some. I wonder if they hit the nerve or shoulder capsule or even both with the shot too.

Side effects of the whole ordeal are – my reading goggles went from 0.5x over 2x to 1.75x, for small things also known in the USA as warning labels I have to use loupe or a visor over the glasses so 4x for that. My insulin mealtime boluses with an unchanged diet and even with some caloric reduction almost doubled. I was able to sustain HbA1C smaller than 5 through the whole thing. I am unable to play guitar. It is just not happening. I can last for about five minutes if I am sitting. The coordination of my hands and legs is still pretty much weird if I stand up. My shoulder still hurts on and off and if I cross my legs while siting they go numb a bit. The left hand is still much worse than the right one. I will keep trying but it is something to cope with. It might never come back again. Maybe my guitar days are completely over. I grew long hair after many years and a beard since I couldn’t shave.

On January 6th 2022 we got 2 feet of snow in Buffalo. I couldn’t find the key for the snowblower so I just took shovel and removed the snow from the driveway – it is quite a big one and long road going to it. The same day I did it at another house - sidewalk and driveway. Next day we got ½ foot more but I found the key so I could blow it. I am a bit broken and have some pains but it is much better than the last 7-8 months. Just have to be more gentle with myself. I know which neurologist never go to if I need one ever.

It is 9th January 2022, I am taking 5000IU of D3 vitamin since it is winter, 250mg of C every 3 days with 65 mg of Iron and 50mg of Zinc. I take ½ B complex about once a week. I use n95 now. I flush my nose after I go shopping, I am not crazy about getting Omicron but I know the treatment is available and it actually works. If it worked on jab self-generated spike protein it is likely to work on the real thing too.

Things that I found to work for me -

the only prescription – Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg of the weight. It came to 12 mg daily until (mostly) recovered.

OTC supplements

D3 4000IU daily

Loratadine 10mg 2xdaily

C 250mg once or twice daily, more is pointless it will hit gut absorption limit.

Zinc + Qercetin

Melatonin for sleeping – low dose helped – high dose didn’t

Iron – 65mg (that is what was available at the pharmacy)

B complex 2xdaily,

A 8000IU helped with vision that was somewhat so-so after the EMG study.

I have the colchicine on hand and that requires prescription but I never tried it.

If it comes back I think I know what to do now.

I still have no satisfactory answer to many questions, as follows:

Why was there no antibody testing and nucleocapsid antibody testing available to me? I would like to know if I actually had this virus or not. I am unable to get this done even after this ordeal.

What is the relevance of the original SARS infection to this and how people who had SARS react to this virus and/or shot. + How can one get a test for the original SARS infection?

Why is the existence of people like me ignored; we are marginalized and nobody wants to research this and find some solution for us, why do we have to come up with all this ourselves?

Why is it that neurology is such a shitstorm? Why? Seriously?

What is the predetermination of this adverse GBS-like reaction? What are the prerequisites?

Why are the NIH researchers watching online testimonies of injured victims to assess their condition instead of getting in touch with them? Just scroll down here at read the pertinent screenshot at the top of this page.

Is the universal reason for all the research in this field just the need for money and employment rather than outcomes of the patients?

Why would I ever trust anything coming from the CDC or FDA again after this debacle?

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