not much to see here yet. i am still busy with other things. my pages of old czech guitars are down and are not coming back. too many people bothered me with requests for parts and many of them were outright rude.  it is just simple courtesy to include "hi" at the start of your email and "thank you" at the end with your name on the bottom of your message. i do not even remember when this started but it got so annoying that i decided to not answer almost anything that is not polite

if you need to email me please do not forget to say hi and include your name at the end of your message. that way i will not get mad right away and i am also likely to answer.

rickenbacker reverse wound toaster pickup mod

if you are looking for the old the rookers page it is here

i am slowly working on this site so please be patient, there is one BIG news though: during 2015 we moved back to USA so we are not in Prague any more. I go there every once in while so if you need me and you are there, drop me a line and i will let you know when i am going to be there.

what a shocker to arrive back to the USA in the middle of the presidential campaign! we went with Bernie all the way to Philly. right now i think it ain't matter that much. never mind. these two goons are amazing and i cannot help it and i am watching this charade of two deplorables with weird energy and it leaves taste of old dish detergent in my mouth. please go vote anyway. down ballot matters great deal.

i couldn't watch idly so here are some of my thoughts:

mrs.clinton the incurable submitted 20 questions to the donald the trump the magnificent. that provoked me to write 26 questions to mrs.clinton

after a week or so i got provoked yet again to do How to loose (facebook) Friends and Alienate (all) people (around in one go)

few days after that i was just musing over our broken immigration system that all the big shots like so much to talk up during the election and then they forget it the day the election is over so i wrote this Why and how should all immigrants vote the moment they get their citizenship.

i was reading the news at Yahoo! and came up with this idea

this was the day i was waiting for for a while, i missed the last year's celebration altogether.

one day i woke up to yet another Wikileaks release and a new idea came like a lightbulb over my bald spot, so i wrote Consider the unforseen implications of your vote.

on another day i got up and red some news in the morning and it came to my mind pretty strongly that: Where has all the fairness gone?

one day i got up with strong urge - an urge to set just a bit more straight this 'going green' issue so i wrote Six rules of the shit

we are almost at the election, i am having BIG problem to find someone that i could like; so to help all the future poltitians of this country i gladly land a helping hand: i wrote this How to become a polititian in USA (smart phone edition)

i just came up with How to demonstrate in 21. century

the last of my pre-election coverage is a snarky view of the Occupy Democrats meme generator

to have some closure for this loaded period of modern american history i wrote Estate of turncoats and beer with Trump

well well well, it is ongoing thing, occupy democrats reached all time high now.

It is 2017 now and it seems that this is ongoing thing. One would expect that the admistrations will go administering and people will go back to their normal life but it is not so. It looks like the campaign is still ongoing - at least from what I can observe it here in Western New York from behind the screen of my TV or my computer.

getting only the broadcast TV gives me something that one doesn't get on cable - pretty limited choice - being a nerd I mostly watch local PBS

occasionally I watch something else interrupted by pure idiocy exclusive to the USA

when I do not watch TV I check social media bubble here and there and I could not help but to do a social experiment

watching the news coverage and people reacting to it. I had to look at some stuff, so I am taking a sweep at some myths

there are plenty articles out there but I have not found one that would come up with this

Betsy DeVos as a secretary of education?

the Democrats elected deadly Perez

WHY THE ALT-center IS A PROBLEM, TOO in There is always a butt

A 'historical district' in the USA (and elsewhere, unfortunately, too) has become a synonym for the attempts to do away with history. Everytime they declare a historical district, it preserves the shell, and they destroy the insides. Just take a look at Philladelphia's historical district. I call this 'fear of splinters'

Long live the pundit! What they say is not a bunch of lies, it is a bunch of 'truthful hyperboles'.

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